TemporalX Benchmarks

generated with gobenchdata

These benchmarks are automatically recorded at the end of every one of our release Travis CI build. They are a combined measurement of the TemporalX server and gRPC client. At the end of the release build we construct an in-memory TemporalX node with on-disk storage, and then instantiate a gRPC client using the go-temporalx-client sdk. This means that the benchmarks you see are counting both the gRPC server+client operations. Additionally they are conducted in a resource constrained environment that is used for Travis CI builds.

These benchmarks are intended to establish a baseline performance of TemporalX within the confines of a test environment. Using this we can ensure that any given release doesn't cause any surprise performance regression. If you are interested in checking out actual performance benchmarks comparing TemporalX to clients like go-ipfs, check out our medium post.

Interested in trying out TemporalX? contact us at: admin@rtradetechnologies.com. We also have a telegram chat where you can receive live support, or chat with the Temporal team and our community. TemporalX is a closed-source version of Temporal, and open-source interface to IPFS.